Source: KMA PRO  |  Date Published: Mon Nov 23 09:42:49 UTC 2015

    The Revenue Collectors of KumasiMetropolitan Assembly (KMA) have undergone some training.

    The two-day training workshop organizedby the Assembly to train revenue collectors in the various sub-metros was aimedat improving the collection of revenue in the respective sub-metros.

    The workshop was in two parts: thefirst session focused on decentralization and local governance, revenuemobilization and generation and safe guards against embezzlement. The second partfocused on effective communication and negotiation skills and work ethics.

    Mr. Emmanuel Ntoso, the DeputyCoordinating Director at the KMA who deputized for the Coordinating Director ofKMA, Mr. Michael B. Ataogye, commended the revenue collectors for their goodwork over the years, acknowledging that without them KMA could not haveundertaken the various developmental projects within the metropolis.

    â??Your contribution helps us to mobilizeresources to undertake the developments you see across the metropolis,â?? hesaid.

    He encouraged them to treat thetraining with all the seriousness it deserved. This, he said, would enable themto learn and acquire new skills and strategies that would assist them incollecting revenue to meet the target set for them.

    The Chief Internal Auditor of KMA, Mr.Kankam urged the participants to always demonstrate integrity in the dischargeof their duties.

    Mr. E. Y. Kwarteng, a facilitator atthe workshop, entreated  theparticipants  to build and maintain goodworking relationship with other stakeholders in the communities  to  ensure easy collection of revenue.

    Certificatesof Participation were awarded to all the participants at the end of theworkshop.     

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