Engineers Dept


Engineers Dept



The Kumasi Metropolitan Works Department is one of the departments established under Act 462 (first schedule) for the five (5) Metropolitan Assemblies in Ghana. In order to carry out these functions, the Metropolitan Works Department is structured into units namely: Structures, Administration, Maintenance, Electrical, Development Control, Architectural and Surveying, Out Door Advertising, Projects and Research with the Metropolitan Works Engineer as the Head.


The Department performs its functions by relating with the Ten (10) Sub-Metropolitan District Councils and other departments under the umbrella of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, especially Waste Management, Roads Department, Town and Country Planning, Education, Finance, Planning and Budget and Legal Departments.

The Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of first cycle schools, markets, sanitary structures, management of the Assemblyâ""s landed properties in collaboration with the Estate and Town and Country Planning Department, design and management of all building and development projects of the Assembly, as well as collaborate with the Department of Urban Roads in the development of road infrastructure and all lorry terminals (lorry parks).
The Department also renders services such as building permits, outdoor advertisement permits, certification of true copy of approved building plans and identification and ownership of buildings.


The Metropolitan Works Department also demolishes unauthorized developments as well as dangerous and unsightly buildings/structures.
The Department has the requisite human resources to deliver all the services listed above.