Public Relations Unit


Public Relations Unit

The Public Relations Unit of the Assembly is responsible for:

*Public Education/Information dissemination - radio discussions,  announcements, press statements and press conferences.

* Coverage of Assembly programs by the media.

*Marketing the good policies of the Assembly.

*Receiving complaints/public reactions and feedback on the Assembly's activities from the public and feed them into management's decisions.

*Organise stakeholders meetings for the Assembly.

* Media Monitoring.

* Answer to press enquiries and queries

The Media Scene in Kumasi
The Kumasi Metropolis has thirty-six media houses, including four (4) Television organizations, twenty (20) FM Stations and thirteen (13) Print media organizations as per attached details. These numerous media organizations bring along with it benefits as well as challenges.

It becomes very beneficial when the Assembly has information to disseminate. Within days, the people in the Metropolis would have gotten the message. The same applies to bad or unsavory news.

The media in Kumasi is very friendly and not difficult to get along with.